Measuring Digital Inclusion in Your City

Smart Cities for All has developed a new Smart City Digital Inclusion Maturity Model with the support and strategic partnership of Microsoft and with input by global experts. We are now in the process of piloting the tool with cities around the world, beginning with Chicago in the fourth quarter of 2018 – first quarter of 2019.  If your city is interested in being considered as a pilot city, please contact us at

The Smart City Digital Inclusion Maturity Model is a tool to help cities worldwide assess and benchmark their level of digital inclusion and ICT accessibility. The Maturity Model helps clearly evaluate progress towards achieving ICT accessibility and digital inclusion across a broad range of functions that are important to all cities, like communications, procurement, training, and standards, etc. It defines key performance indicators and metrics to support advancing accessibility and digital inclusion. It lays out 5 distinct levels of maturity for digital inclusion and accessibility progress across multiple dimensions that are important to all Smart Cities, i.e. technology, data, culture, strategy, and governance. The Smart City Digital Inclusion Maturity Model supports the development of roadmaps and strategies to grow and mature a city commitment to digital inclusion.

Smart Cities for All has begun to pilot our Smart City Digital Inclusion Maturity Model with partner cities around the world. The pilots are:

  • Tailored to the partner cities and their objectives
  • Flexible and allow for an assessment across an entire city, a department, or multiple departments
  • Comprised of 4 phases
    1. Prep – remote engagement between Smart Cities for All and city. Sharing information, documents, preparing for experts site visit
    2. Expert Site Visit – a team of 3-5 experts visits the city for a series of meetings and events over 2-3 days to explore and further refine a common understanding of how the model aligns with the city’s efforts
    3. Analysis – Smart Cities for All and the expert team review all input and gather further information to determine the level of city maturity across the model’s 5 dimensions
    4. Report – Smart Cities for All presents a confidential assessment report to the city and suggestions for moving forward

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